Tiroler Adlerin stands for appreciation!

For our customers. By our customers. A wonderful kind of species protection

Listening carefully, taking time. Exploring the words of expectation, translating them into fashion in an artistic setting, in our shop in Ramsau. After just a few moments you catch fire, you build trust and the regional obligatory informal “you“ sounds honest and friendly and completes the closeness arising during the dialogue. The “eaglesses” make time for you, gladly while having a coffee, tea or champagne. Pleasantly different. Careful and sophisticated while the fabrics are matched. Collar, hem, inner lining, apron, pockets, back parts, borders … Tiroler Adlerin’s customers participate in the creation guided with professional advice … The result: your individual unique piece, a unicum, solitaire, exceptional – you!

Your’re the only one who has got this piece, because it is you!