With passion for detail

TIROLER ADLERIN - artistic figure and brand.

From high above she overlooks everything. She floats and calmly makes her circles, steady…
Time is not a factor. Time is a gift. Time helps (her) to perceive: numerous mountain tops, far into the distance, visibility into the different worlds around us. She studies culture, trends, regionality and couture, … the world of art, of artistic works, of fabrics, of patterns, of design and

thereby spots encounters, the possible dialogue between them.
The eagless … calmly makes her circles, focuses and thus keeps the special in sight.
This characteristic accompanies her sign, the composite mark, feminine heraldic animal, label, brand for one of the most individual fashion ateliers in the Alpine region: the Tiroler Adlerin

For women

FOR YOU we create unique fashion.

From concept to handmade screen-print, you and your individuality are the centre of our interest. Because women have lots of facets, because daily life often demands a lot and because you deserve it. That’s why we create fashion for conscious women. With us you will find your individual unique piece.


For men

Strong, smart, casual, genuine – YOU!*

We make fashion for personalities, create trendy highlights and adjust them individually to you. Instead of chasing trends, we create them – especially for you, because you are special. With passion for beauty the extraordinary arises from our atelier.
With its unforgettable design TA fashion stands for individuality and modern self-confidence and is at the same time grounded in our local tradition.



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