Corporate Social Responsibility

Several local seamstresses and an embroideress are now living on the wearable ideas of Margret and Melanie Schiestl. New fabrics appear weekly on their workbenches to be painted, printed and designed. There is no themed collection – “Life is constant recreation … that’s why we are following our intuitive ideas” Margret and Melanie are beaming in the atelier, armed with screen, squeegee and ink. Then they give the fabrics with the respective cuts and chosen appliqués to the seamstresses who are finalising the unique pieces. Local high quality work thanks to regional added value.

Margret Schiestl

„ Sure, we live on the local market too, that’s why locals love to work for us.“

The work itself, the working hours and the friendly togetherness is collegial, warm and family-friendly. It is also possible for our employees to work on items at home, to be with their children and families if necessary or desired.

What is very important for Margret and Melanie from Tiroler Adlerin:„Our fabrics are mainly from Austria and Germany. And: Any product from child labour won’t be used. Our customers appreciate this special attention and by buying our products they support local jobs, the region and, of course, our new-staged tradition!“.