TA chic - ladies

You are unique! And so are our garments. With plenty of creativity, lifeblood and passion for detail, we tailor, knit, and crochet. With appliqués, real handmade screen printing and accessories we refine and enhance. We listen carefully to you and professionally grasp your styling ideas. We will surprise you with the further development and the way every piece of clothing is personally individualised.


TA chic - gentlemen

What a man… fresh, elegant, casual, sophisticated. Passionate about beauty and emphasising the special – that’s your collection of modern self-confidence! Let’s play – with colours, with materials, with appliqués. We accompany you with knowledge, the perfect pattern, and a promise: Your piece is unique. Unique as you are!


Be colourful, be loud, be happy!

Our ideas, our inspiration for extraordinary fashion designs combined with urban materials, patterns and processing are subject to constant development. Be astonished at the dialogue between wool, loden and cotton, which all undergo an amazing metamorphosis by the means of Tyrolean handicraft...

TA casual - women

For daily life, here and there, at home…
as a gift, as a present – pure life. TA Casual for women dresses you in a casual and comfortable way, offering trendy colours and designs. Each piece is individualized with the symbol of the Tiroler Adlerin, short quotes and a feel that suits you.


TA casual - men

You are not somebody who just enjoys the daily routine but nevertheless you like casual wear for a normal day, just at home, in the evening or at a laid-back catch up with friends. Sweaters, tees, jerseys and more are awaiting you. The Tiroler Adlerin on it and the artistic expression of textile art turns the casual item into your showpiece …